Record Label Pets

I tried to think of a pun for that but I can't. Whatever. The content makes up for it

I recently made a Tweet (great start to a newsletter huh) asking record labels to send me pictures of their pets so I can “somehow” make an article out of it. The results were… adorable. I have been trying to think of ways in which I can make this an actual article—interviewing people at the labels, looking through their rosters to mention notable artists, etc. However, in case you haven’t noticed, I have been under a lot of stress lately, which is why I haven’t sent out a newsletter in a bit. I had one week where I did five interviews and it just sent me into a spiral! However, I am slightly less burdened now, and working at Stereogum! Cool cool cool!

This is all to say that this “article” will just be me embedding tweets of pet pics and calling them cute. This made me feel an immense sense of relief and I hope it does the same for y’all. Shout out to ALL OF THESE LABELS and ALL OF THESE PETS!

It all started with this Tweet. Thank you, Charlotte, NC’s Refresh Records.

Needless to say, this dog is so cute. I love a sleeping dog. So peaceful!

One of the first replies, I believe, was this good boy in a dad hat.

Those eyes! And is it just me or does that hat just work so well on this dog? It’s perfect.

Mama Bird, a label based in Portland, OR, sent over this extremely good boy. It doesn’t get much better than this. Look at that outfit. That’s just amazing. Please be my mailman. It would make my day. I don’t care what comes in the mail—it could be a ticket. I would still be happy.

Poor Man Records in L.A. sent over this cutie, Foxy. This dog looks POWERFUL. What a star. That’s a protagonist I’m rooting for, for sure.

Illinois’ Polyvinyl sent over this. Another dog that absolutely rocks dad hats. This is how you sell hats, man. What a gorgeous dog, though. Those colors. Also, yawning pics are the best. Just so good.

So many dogs! Let’s switch it up.

Volar Records in San Diego sent over a good ol’ cat in a box. Who doesn’t need a cat in a box? I need one. Love the shadow, too. Picturesque cat.

Chicago label Orindal Records sent over this cat, peekin’ out from under the bed. Innocent cat. Definitely has done no wrong ever. Gorgeous eyes. Wish you were mine.

L.A.’s ESI Records knocked it out of the ballpark with a cat AND a dog. Both adorable in different ways. Also, that dog is in the desert. What a sick dog. That pic is badass as hell. That dog OWNS that desert. That is the dog’s land. And MeowMeow is just gorgeous—those colors are amazing. Stunning. Truly.

Keeled Scales in Austin, TX casually shared this angel. No words. No words! I want to pet you. Please.

Plot twist… Refresh Records have TWO dogs. AND THEN…

I absolutely would NOT fuck with this dog. As soon as I see this dog starting the pit, I would run. I know my place.

Tulsa, OK’s Black Mesa Records sent over this cutie. Very chill dog. Would love to work alongside this dog. You don’t have to be good at shipping. It’s OK.

Chillwave Records in San Francisco has introduced us to Gwyn. Not gonna lie. Getting some chaotic energy from this dog. Looks very soft, though. I love this dog. You are very cute.

Seattle, WA’s Sub Pop Records went OFF with this one. That cat looks so small and so fluffy and so wholesome. All of these animals are PRISTINE, I don’t have to say anything.

Atlanta, GA’s 59 X Records shared this absolute model. What an intense photo. This dog definitely just saved someone’s life. Saved a whole town, I bet. Photogenic hero.

Crafted Sounds in Pittsburgh, PA gave us a dog in MOTION. Very chill dog, I can tell. Look at those ears!

More dogs from Katuktu Collective over in Red Hill, CA! So many dogs—I’m not complaining. Gorgeous little pup. That one ear, oh my god. Looks like an absolute sweetheart. I want this to be my dog.

Al from Horse Collective in Durham, NC shared this amazing pic. We love pet pics with owners. They have the same expression! Also, I want to put this cat on my back. Please.

OK, when I saw this I did not click on it. I did NOT SEE THE DOG. THIS IS AMAZING. Look at them! Again, there are no words. This is beautiful. Thank you, Funeral Party over in Louisville, KY.

Carlsbad, CA label Dark Operative shares THIS!!!!!! dog!!!! MODEL! Those EYES! The further I get with this, the more excited I’m getting. God bless these animals.

They shared THIS ONE, TOO. Thank you so much. That smile! This dog makes me so happy! It’s contagious!

SKA CAT!!! Thank you, Alameda, CA’s Bad Time Records. THIS is a good time. A great time.

Father/Daughter Records in San Francisco shared these absolute angels. I want to cuddle with them! Wholesome wholesome wholesome.

Nearing the max length of this newsletter. Let me end off with this cutie at Ghostie Recordings. I love you. Good dog. <3